Treating Eczema in Children

DATE: May 31, 2017

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Having a child with eczema can be frustrating for any parent, since all you want to do is provide them with relief from this condition. Around 90 percent of the time, eczema starts to appear before five years of age and it can become difficult during such an early age to bring comfort to your child.

No doubt you have searched high and low for effective methods to reduce their discomfort and sought medical advice. Here we’ll talk about some treatments you can try and some myths you may have heard about eczema that some parents believe in.


One of the keys to an effective eczema treatment for your child is to not believe everything you hear or read. Many people have diverse opinions on which is the best method, and unfortunately not all of them are right. Keep reading to find out what’s true and what’s not:

Myth #1: Bathing your child just once a week. False. As you know, hygiene is very important, especially during childhood, just use soft soaps with a low PH level and medicinal bath oils. If your child’s still in diapers, clean that area very carefully to reduce moisture that can combine with germs and trigger a reaction.

Myth #2: Avoiding light to treat eczema. False. UV light is very useful when combating eczema in children, often with positive results. To find out more about this treatment it’s best to visit n expert.

Myth #3: Controlling your child’s diet. The truth is, there isn’t enough conclusive evidence to support that your child’s diet can cause a definite reaction. A balanced nutrition is very important for your little one so try not to eliminate foods that can help them develop unless absolutely necessary.


As explained before, there are quite a few myths about certain treatments that can potentially risk your child’s health. The only thing you need to know is that the most common topical treatments contain steroids, but don’t panic! There’s a type of steroid called Hydrocortisone that’s soft on a child’s delicate skin and is also very effective against eczema. Just follow the instructions carefully and apply the treatment every time there’s a reaction. Remember that this treatment is to relieve symptoms and reduce the appearance of eczema, and can’t be considered a permanent cure.

If you want to look into other treatments, not just topical creams, you can try paste bandages that are zinc based which are moist and effective given that zinc has many healing properties. You can get this treatment via prescription and your doctor can show you the whole application process.


An allergen isn’t just a substance that generates a reaction within the body. If you’re a non-eczema sufferer the most you can experience after being exposed to an allergen is a light itch and maybe a bout of sneezing. For an eczema sufferer an allergen can cause an overreaction in their immune system, resulting in more severe symptoms.

If your child suffers from eczema, you’ll know how hard it is to protect them from everything and eliminating just one allergen won’t be very effective. For example, your child could become exposed to pollen all day without experiencing a reaction. But if they decide to go out on a really warm day, then the pollen combined with heat and sweat can trigger a reaction. The same occurs with dust mites combined with being warmly tucked up in bed, the heat mixed with dust mites can cause an outbreak.

Making sure your child gets a good night’s sleep doesn’t have to be an impossible feat, you can start by eliminating dust and mites at the same time by switching to hypoallergenic linen. Also avoid using feather pillows and furniture treated with anti-dust mite sprays because those chemicals can also affect your child.

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