Best Medication For Sinus Infection

DATE: May 31, 2017

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Sprays, Pills, Tissues…


There are varying statistics on the numbers of people suffering from sinusitis and sinus related infections or symptoms.  One thing is for sure, millions of people in North America alone suffer from either an acute or a chronic variety of sinus problems.  Obviously with numbers of this magnitude there is an ongoing search for the best medication for sinus infection.


One of the first steps in fighting a sinus problem is battling the congestion.  If one can get the flow going then the pressure can release.  To aid in this endeavor many companies of the pharmaceutical variety have developed sprays to decrease swelling of the mucous membranes and allow for flow of the congestion out of the nasal passages from the sinus cavities.  Is there a best medication for sinus infection in the form of a spray?  Some claim simple saline mist as often as one can stand is as good as any prescription or over the counter medication for sinus infection.  It also is as safe as water.  Other people have their favourites in brand name medicines.  It all has to do with body chemistry, severity of the problem and of course, cost.  Perhaps you have already discovered a best medication for sinus infection you use often in the form of a spray.


Many sinusitis conditions must be treated with antibiotics, for the simple fact that there is a bacterial infection in the nasal passage.  The question again is raised, is there a best medication for sinus infection used from the family of antibiotics?  Most commonly prescribed antibiotics are Cedax®, Biaxin®, and Avelox®.  Of course none of these are to be taken without a doctor’s advice or without being seen by a doctor.   Regardless of the type these medications have to be taken regularly and for a specified course of time, to ensure that the bacterium has been eliminated.  Remember to date we are still looking for the best medicine for sinus infection.  Usually the Pills are teamed up with a spray or another pill which acts as a decongestant to alleviate the heavy congestion.


There are some people who suffer from the occasional relapse of a sinus problem and there are chronic sufferers.  At no time should one ever chance guessing.  It is possible to confuse a sinus infection for a stubborn head cold or other allergy related problems.  At no time should one assume that an over the counter medication for sinus infection be an appropriate approach to an undiagnosed problem.  One would ask how can I tell if it’s a bad cold or acute sinusitis?  Rule of thumb would be to wait it out before getting into antibiotic treatment.  Use saline mist or some other decongestant you normally use for a cold.  If the tenderness of the face and soreness and pain and fever and headaches and such arise or get worse then you more than likely have a sinus infection.  Go see a doctor and he/she will prescribe you the best medication for sinus infection that they currently have available to them that suits you.  Until that time tissues, vitamins, a healthy diet and regular exercise are good ways to fight off those bad days.

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